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Our Mission


In Spain there are more than 14,000 players registered in the 2nd, 2B, 3a Division and Junior Honor Division. Of which only a small percentage will make the jump to the Spanish First Division. Most are left wandering around the 3rd division with salaries that do not reach € 1000 per month. A large number of these players do not have an agent, so we see a good opportunity for them to rebuild their sports career in another League where it will be more appreciated.

We prepare Professional and / or Semiprofessional players so that they can get trials in First and Second Division clubs of ASIAN / AUSTRALASIAN LEAGUES. As well as being a unique center / academy for the recording and transmission of videos for personal or professional use, of individuals or teams.

We offer the opportunity to compete during the whole season in one of our teams. we also offer 3 training sessions during the mornings, where the player will be training the most important skills needed to reach their top performance. (Check our pdf for more info)

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